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Qualfon Foundation – Dumaguete

Qualfon Foundation – Dumaguete

"Working together, working with values"


In our company, employees (male or female) who have children under 12 years receive the milk subsidy. This program has existed for a year in Dumaguete, and to date, the Company continues to support parents who work with us and the healthy growth of their children. Through this initiative the Company promotes solidarity, protection of life and family integration.

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The Filipino Family is not just a simple composition of a father , mother and their sons and daughters . Filipinos highly value the presence of their families more than anything regardless of whatever influence they have gotten from the west, it remained to be the basic unit of the society. Respect and reverence to the elderly members of the family has a very serious sense among Filipinos. “Po” and “Opo” are words used to show respect to people of older level.

“Pagmamano” is also another simple act which is done through light dabbing of the forehead to the hand of the parents or to an elderly. Filipinos are known for their hospitality, they will treat you as one of their own and visitors are treated like royalty. They would take out their best kitchen utensils, best bed sheets and blankets that they don’t normally used and offered to their guests to use. This shows how loving and hospitable a Filipino Family can be. Filipino children are not obliged to get out of their homes unless they want to. In fact, most of them keep their close relationship to their parents by staying at least before they get married. Leaving them happens only when they really have to, but usually, at least one child, depending on his willingness and financial capabilities, stay even after marriage to support and look after their aging parents. More over, Filipinos keep close connection with other relatives. They recognize them from 2nd degree to the last they can identify. As Filipinos say, “not being able to know a relative is like turning their backs from where they come from.”

Author: Mielyn Fe Estepa (Dumaguete-Country Manager)

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